Furnishing your home or garden is a process that can be very fun and entertainer. There are so many ways to furnish your apartment or home, than people on the planet!

Before you furnish your home or garden, it is important to take measurements, in height, width and length. To be sure if you can pass between the furniture, it is advisable to make a simulation, on a paper, or even putting on the floor the measurements of furniture in space. There are even programs that allow you to visualize your 3D cad, and the result of your furnishing.

Experts can also be of great help in finishing up our doubts and finding the objects that will perfectly match the furniture.

Having a perfect house is ideal, but we do not have to leave the garden, where we live unforgettable moments, family reunions, moments of relaxation.

Many furnishings are at your disposal such as sofas, armchairs, deckchairs, hammocks, parasols.

Having a garden is a luxury and you have to take advantage and enjoy it. You have to learn to choose the furniture according to the use that we will give and the space that we have.

To find home furniture and garden furniture, we will have to bear in mind that it is a long term investment, because we have to find the furniture that we like but also that are resistant. It would be useless to buy the most beautiful and ideal furniture to have only two years of utility, so we must highlight the quality of furniture when choosing.

To properly select the furniture material, we have to take into account a number of factors. If we choose a wooden furniture, we will have to make sure that it is resistant to the water and that it supports all the seasons of the year. The metal or the resin are options that are preserved very well and are resistant. Rattan is an ideal material for the garden, which is natural or synthetic, is a material that is very resistant and very esthetic.

We can accompany these furniture with plants or even an urban garden. The plants are a source of our good humor and well-being, ideal to put in our garden.

So choosing the garden furniture is just as important as the rest of the furniture in our house.

Spring arrives and with it there are many families who want to renew their home. Carrying out complex decorative projects is often not possible as much for reasons of lack of money as of time. However, to give a new air to the rooms is not always necessary large disbursements of money, just put into practice a couple of tricks. In this article we’ll see some ideas that will allow us to renew our space for little money. For that, we will analyze some options, like the offers of conforamen.

decorate home

Renew Bedding

Without doubt, textiles are elements that give us a lot of play when decorating. With the arrival of sunny days, a good idea is to include covers of colorful Nordics. In the catalogues of conformal it is possible to find exclusive novelties that adapt to a great variety of styles. It is also possible to save in decoration thanks to its numerous offers.

Also, the cushions can be one of our great allies. By including covers of different reasons, we can provide color notes to the rooms. The key is to choose the chromatic range properly to obtain an elegant result.

Include plants

The vegetation is a great bet in interior decorating. It is advisable to choose properly the species that we want to include in the rooms of the house. A good idea may be to introduce plants that do not require much care, in the event that family habits are hectic. In recent times, original ideas have been developed to integrate vegetation into interior design. As a result, ideas like the vertical gardens have been popularized.

On the other hand, it is also advisable to assess the possibility of planting aromatic crops, because, in addition to providing a visually pleasing environment, also eliminate bad smells.

Enhance natural light

This council is nothing new in the world of decoration. Enhancing sunlight is one of the maxims of interior design. But we don’t always know how to do it. The first thing is to make sure that we do not have any furniture or element that hinders the entrance of the light. Likewise, the curtains or blinds used are also essential when taking advantage of natural lighting. It is advisable to opt for clear textiles, as well as escape from opaque fabrics that may hinder the entrance of the light in the stay.

The paint on the walls will also be decisive. It is advisable to paint in light colors those rooms that have poor or reduced lighting. By opting for this type of tonality, we not only use the light but also increase the feeling of amplitude.

Finally, if the amount of natural light is reduced, we can support the installation of strategic complementary light points.

All these tips can help us to improve the aesthetics and decoration of our homes. Also, it is necessary to remember that a good atmosphere helps to improve the quality of life of the people. That is why it is recommended to take care of the environment and try to adapt it to the needs of its users.

The TV is one of the most important elements of the room. When determining your location, it is important to take into account various aspects such as the distance to see recommended TV or the surface and distribution of the room, among others.

placing a tv in the living room

Keys to place the TV in the living room

Pay attention to the factors that you should value to put the TV in the room, sure you will be very useful, let’s start!

How to place the TV

One of the first decisions you have to make is if you want to install a TV cabinet or you prefer to have the TV hanging. It’s all about space. If the room is not very spacious, hanging the TV on the wall is a great option. To do this, you can opt for fixed or arm supports, depending on the distribution of your stay and your needs.

placing a tv in the living room

TV Cabinet

If you choose to place the TV on a piece of furniture, remember that it must follow the same style of decoration as the whole room. If the stay is modern, you can animate with a furniture of straight and simple lines. If instead it is classic, a wooden furniture in dark colors is a great option to value. There are also other alternatives on the market, such as iron furniture for industrial-style spaces or second-hand furniture, perfect for vintage environments.


Currently the television market is very wide. So you can find from small 22-inch devices to other giants over 60 inches. Well, in any case you should keep in mind what is the recommended distance TV.

If the TV is 30 inches, the distance TV couch must be 1.5 meters. If the appliance is 45 inches, it must be located 1.8 meters from the couch. And, if it’s 50 inches, the recommended distance is 2.25 meters.


Of course, you also have to value the height of the furniture TV lounge. You must make sure that the center of the screen is at eye level. In general, it is between 85 and 100 centimeters from the ground, although it depends on the height of each person.

As for the height to watch TV from the bed, the clamping has to allow to tilt the appliance slightly downwards.


Once you have determined the distance TV sofa, it is time to think about the distribution of the solar. To avoid reflexes, the appliance must always be positioned perpendicular to the windows. In no case do you have to place the TV in front of the windows because the natural light generates reflections that affect the quality of the image.

Taking into account all these aspects you will find it very easy to put the TV in the living room. Valuing the available space and the distribution of the stay, you must have three fundamental aspects in mind: location, height and distance. Of course, the size of the TV should be linked to the size of the stay. You can’t put a 70 inch TV in a room of just 9 square meters.

Is it a short time to welcome a new member of the family? Babies steal our sighs and in turn increase our worries. Especially when as parents first we seek to create the perfect space where our conceited spend much of the time.

Attractively decorating the small room is not enough, a premature is exposed to different organisms and dangers. Therefore, there is a great importance in complementing the attractive with the functional. It is necessary to follow some established guidelines that will allow us to cope with a more welcoming and organized life.

Ventilation and cleaning is extremely important if we want to keep our baby healthy. It is essential to have at least a window to renew the air and thus reduce the moisture and carbon dioxide that occurs during the night. In the same way use appliances that manage to eliminate the dust hidden in the most remote places of the room, because they produce possible allergies.

Here are some of the tips and tips that are commonly recommended. However, the industry dedicated to children’s products day by day brings us innovations that provide great benefits to our routine. Below are some lovely articles that will allow us to reinforce the creativity and functionality of the new room of the conceited home:

  1. Mobiles for babies: This invention is the perfect example of the complement between decoration and utility. Baby mobiles, characteristic for their design and color, are able to illuminate the entire room of a child. They also relax the small while stimulating their physical and mental system. According to the website 25today.com these mobiles are striking because they need to capture all the senses of the baby, so its main objective is sensory stimulation. During their growth, these devices make the children develop their perception of depth. In addition, they promote their motor skills because the same mechanism of the article the small follow with the look or make movements that improve their mobility and coordination.
    Bed rails: This accessory provides the protection a child needs when it takes that step from the crib to the bed. It is an article that by its design is an essential complement to avoid accidents. It is time to forget about the typical sturdy and wooden handrails, in the market we find a great variety between models and colors that will be adapted according to the bed and the mattress with which it is counted. This way it is possible to provide security and decoration at the same time.
  2. Hammocks: These rocking chairs have become the first-need article of many parents. Its function is to relax and keep the small and therefore the parents calm. There are simple hammocks, with activities and even with vibration system. A lot of colors and models that will need to be investigated previously to choose one.
  3. Mosquito nets: We all know the function of mosquito nets. Especially for the summer times that stun us both adults and babies. Today this product comes in different materials and presentations, from the most common as polyester or cotton. Also, its quality has improved because the tissues provide optimal resistance and prevents tears. There are meshes in different models, incorporators with elastic tape or edges so that they can adapt to your comfort and decoration.
  4. Baby monitors: Perhaps this gadget is not involved in the decoration of space, but in the tranquility of the parents. This device is equipped with a camera and microphone that monitors the baby while we can perform other activities in the winged room. It has an emitter (which will be with the baby) and a receiver (which will meet with the parents). In the market we find a wide variety of models depending on the scope or its functionalities.